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The best thing about writing is molding life to characters you find interesting. The worst about it is having these characters crowd your head, unable to get out because you haven't written down the pages for them. Continue writing? Hell, yes. This blog is a way of letting these characters out for a gulp of air. I love creating them. They remind me that there's a nutjob in all of us. Some are in for a brief appearance via short stories. Others are in for the long haul, peppering a novel I have written. Enjoy these stories. After all, life is more fantastic than we imagine it to be.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small Pond

I have begun to feel listless again. These periods of restlessness come and go, never really disappeared, merely abated by token instances of joy or clouded by frequent eruptions of everyday life's small pains.

I've been stuck for years. I think I know what I want to do with my life. Or what I hope to do but never really getting there. It seems so sensible to go on making a living the way I've been doing. I've been badly burned by jumping ship before. Yet the pull of dreams cannot be silenced. Movies have been made about topics like this. It's cliché already. Yet the human spirit is fueled by passion. Every person with this struggle feels the icy wasteland that this lack of fire brings.

I'm a dreamer, yet disappointments have blunted that part of me. I feel comfortable already in my small pond. I'm safe here. Yet more and more cold.

Maybe I should take a chance. I'm not young anymore to have years to waste on the rational. Will I ever reach a big pond? Possibly. If the universe allows it, I’ll touch the open sea. Each person should have that chance.

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